Wintering birds watching tour

Welcome to the Wintering birds watching tour.

The Santoña, Victoria & Joyel Marshes Natural Park is classed as one of the best places to watch wintering birds and catch sight of species that are unique to this area, such as the red-breasted merganser, red-necked grebe, long-tailed duck, velvet scoter and common eider.

Our chosen spots will reveal also many sea birds that come to the coast to land, such as gannets, razorbills or common murres.

We will be travelling to several birding points in the area, visiting tidal rivers, estuaries, marshes and the open sea, allowing us to observe all the different local species, equipped with our land telescopes. The town of Santoña is one of the places with the greatest number of rare species on the peninsula.

We will also head out on a birdwatching and photography boat trip across the marshes in partnership with the company Aves Cantábricas, leading us closer to some of the species that tend to stay further away from land.

This experience allows you to choose between travelling all-inclusive* or booking only scheduled activities with us. The all-inclusive option means all you have to worry about is getting here. We will be staying in a country hotel in the area, where guests are made to feel at home and well looked after, getting a taste of the local cuisine. If you decide to do activities only, we will enjoy sharing all of the watching and trails with you.

The established COVID safety measures will be observed at all times to keep everyone safe and worry-free.

A thrilling and exclusive nature weekend, organised in small groups to avoid overburdening our surroundings and make the activities friendly and individualised.


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Remember that you can do fully customised this activity whenever you want. Get in contact with us for more information.

  •      €320 – All included

  •      €180 – Only activities

  •      Weekend

  •      Santoña, Cantabria

  • Optical equipment (land telescopes).
  • Interpretive trails around the area.
  • Specialised wildlife guides.
  • Birdwatching and photography boat trip.
  • Accommodation and meals (only when booking ALL-INCLUSIVE). Drinks and Sunday lunch are not included.
  • Civil liability and accident insurance.
  • COVID-19 protocol.

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