Rutting season photography tour

Welcome to the Rutting season photography tour in London.

Wildmoral brings you the chance to photograph one of nature’s most spectacular events: the deer rutting season.

We will be travelling to London to visit one of the finest places for rutting photography owing to the number of deer living in the park. There will be up to four photography workshops over the course of the weekend. We will be visiting key spots in the area, equipped with our gear ready to capture the best moments in this wildlife show.

During our rutting photography tour, we will also explore other nearby areas. We will be taking some of the trails inside the park to see other fascinating species in the area.

The experience includes accommodation, breakfasts, dinners and activities. Flights are not included, but we are glad to organise flights to London for groups if necessary in collaboration with Viajes Madroño, our partnering travel agency.

Our accommodation will be a lodge near the area where the workshops take place to avoid having to travel far. Their friendly staff will make us feel at home. The established COVID safety measures will be observed at all times to keep everyone safe and worry-free.

A thrilling and exclusive country weekend, organised in small groups to avoid overburdening our surroundings and make the activities more friendly and individualised.


29/09/2023 – 01/10/2023

*Inscription deadline 20/08/2023

  •      €390* (Flights not included)

  •      Weekend

  •      London

  • 4 photography workshops.
  • Specialised wildlife guide.
  • Accommodation and meals.
  • Civil liability and accident insurance.
  • COVID-19 protocol.

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