Pelagic birdwatching tour

Welcome to the Pelagic birdwatching tour.

Come and enjoy a wonderful pelagic birdwatching tour at the Santoña, Victoria & Joyel Marshes Natural Park, which is considered one of the best birding sites around.

This tour will lead us to various birding points inside the park and also out to sea on an exclusive boat ride to watch and photograph pelagic birds as they fly back after breeding.

We will get to see various species of seabirds coming close to the boat, such as northern gannets, skuas, shearwaters, seagulls and terns.

Joining us on the observation and photography boat tour will be Alejandro García, the Director of Aves Cantábricas, who will be guiding us during the activity.

This experience is all-inclusive (except lunch on Sunday), so all you have to worry about is getting here. We will be staying at country accommodation nearby, where friendly staff will take great care of us and we will get to sample the local cuisine. Rest assured that the established COVID prevention measures will be observed at all times to keep everyone safe and worry-free.

A thrilling and exclusive weekend surrounded by nature, dedicated exclusively to photography and ornithology, organised in small groups so as not to put any strain on the environment and keep activities friendly and individualised.


6/10/23 – 8/10/23

Remember that you can do fully customised this activity whenever you want. Get in contact with us for more information.

  •      €320 – All included

  •      €220 – Only activities

  •      Weekend

  •      Santoña, Cantabria

  • Optical equipment (land telescopes).
  • Interpretive birding trails around the area.
  • Specialised wildlife guides.
  • 6 hours boat trip across the marshes.
  • Accommodation and meals (only when booking ALL-INCLUSIVE). Drinks and Sunday lunch are not included.
  • Civil liability and accident insurance.
  • COVID-19 protocol.

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