Hide photography tour in Alicante

Victoria Laporta Carbonell Foundation

Welcome to the Hide photography tour at the Victoria Laporta Carbonell Foundation.

Wildmoral brings you the chance to dive into the experience of wildlife photography from inside a hide set in the perfect location for this activity: the Finca Buixcarró estate, belonging to the Victoria Laporta Carbonell Foundation.

This activity includes 5 hide sessions allowing us to see mammals (mouflons and wild boar) and various species of passerines (siskins, red crossbills, blue tits, serins, robins and more) in a variety of environments and conditions.

Since the estate is private and the Foundation’s keepers have done such a wonderful job over all these years, we get to use hides with a great variety of perching places and conditions, allowing you to snap the most assorted shorts and take home an array of photographs and memories of your experience.

Hides will always be assigned based on the Foundation staff’s guidance. We will start with sessions on ungulates in the early morning, before going on to our passerine sessions. Fortunately, being in small groups will allow us the flexibility to choose the hides that each member finds most interesting.

Participants will switch from one hide to the next guided by the Foundation’s keepers, who will be leading us around the estate. A photography guide will be there to offer advice at the beginning and end of the day and in certain hides, where possible, helping to answer questions and share tips on how to make the very most of each session.

The experience includes accommodation and full board from Friday evening until midday on Sunday. Lunch on Saturday will be a picnic to help us make the most of the photography days. It makes the perfect opportunity for everyone to share their impressions, experiences and questions. Lunch on Sunday is the final farewell from the experience, so the meal will be served on the estate before everyone heads back home.


 From 10/03/23  to 12/03/23

  •      €350 – All included

         €210 – Only activities

  •      Weekend

  •      Alcoi, Alicante

  • Professional nature photographer.
  • 5 hide photography sessions.
  • Accommodation and meals (only when booking ALL-INCLUSIVE).
  • Civil liability and accident insurance.
  • COVID-19 protocol.

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