Hide La Grulla

Our Hide “La Grulla” stands in the countryside of the village of El Oso, in the Spanish province of Avila, in a vast expanse of farmland. The village has become known over the years for welcoming cranes, who choose to winter at its lakes, but there are so many other birds populating the area all year round.

The hide is partly underground, which makes for some very interesting low-key photographs.
In addition, some of the background scenery is so far away you can photograph the subjects on their own at the forefront, and their natural perches stand at different distances affording various framing opportunities.

Around the year, the birds of prey that visit this hide are common buzzards, red kites, black kites and western marsh harriers, but you fill find a long list of other species here, too, such as Spanish imperial eagles, common cranes, cinereous vultures, griffon vultures, carrion crows, common ravens, western jackdaws, goldfinches, common kestrels, lesser kestrels, crested larks, meadow pipits and spotless starlings.

You can choose between a morning or afternoon session, each with different light but equally appealing. For the morning session, there is room for 4 photographers in the hide, whilst we can only accommodate 3 photographers in the afternoon.

This photography hide measures 3 m by 3 m and is 2 m tall. It features two large windows at the front and side with oneway glass, ensuring the animals display their normal behaviour whilst the photographers stay hidden and comfortable.

Located just 120 km from the city of Madrid, El Oso is a fantastic place to enjoy a weekend away doing a hide session (or several) and a host of other fascinating nature activities.


  •      Single session

    1 person – €90 / each and per session

    2 or more people – €75 / each and per session

  •      Two or more sessions*

    1 person – €80 / each and per session

    2 or more people – €70 / each and per session

  •      08:00h – 14:00h

         15:00h – Sunset

  •      Feeder

  •      4 photographers max.

  •      El Oso, Ávila

    * On the same day or on consecutive days. Includes any of our hides in El Oso and Madrigal de las Altas Torres.
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Spanish imperial eagle, cinereous vulture, griffon vulture, common buzzard, red kite, black kite, western marsh harrier, common kestrel, lesser kestrel, common crane, common raven, carrion crow, western jackdaw, goldfinch, crested lark, common starling, spotless starling, etc.


To ensure a successful hide session and avoid disturbing local wildlife, there are a series of rules that must be followed to make the most of your experience.


We are dealing with wild species and it is important not to disturb them.


You can only enter and leave the hide in the presence of your guide. Never step out without their express permission.


Do not get too close to the glass and never tap or bang it to attract the animals’ attention or make them move.


Try to wear dark, plain clothes. Light or colourful clothing may be seen through the glass and could frighten the animals.


Keep your phone silent and use it as little as possible in the hide.


It is forbidden to smoke inside the hide. You may eat and drink inside, but try to make as little noise as possible.



  • Customized guidance

    Get expert guidance from a professional nature photographer sharing tips, tricks and fun facts about the wildlife you see on your session. Check our additional rates.

  • Accommodation

    We offer you the possibility to stay at a local country hotel, just five minutes away from the hides. Ask us for more information.