Eagle-owl watching

Observación y escucha del celo

You will find us in the Spanish town of Moralzarzal, which was recently classed as a Biosphere Reserve. With such a large rabbit population, several pairs of eagle-owls have settled here, making this one of the best places to see them in the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains.

Keeping a safe distance at all times, we will venture out on this trail hoping to see and hear some of the eagle-owls that live in the area.

And whilst we wait for them to stir, we will learn about their characteristics during a feather and pellet workshop out in the countryside.

This eagle-owl watching trail will start in the evening and last until nightfall. We will follow a gentle trail approximately 1 km long to the observation site, where we will begin our wait and stay until daylight fades.


Sábado 4/2/23 | COMPLETA

Sábado 11/2/23 | COMPLETA

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  •      €20

  •      16:30h – 19:00h

  •      Moralzarzal

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**The activity will take place provided there are at least 4 people in the group. Otherwise, the activity may be postponed.

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